Lera Kozina was born in 1970.
She studied at the Art School and finished it in 1985. In 1989 she graduated from the Moscow Art College. Lera is a member of the Moscow Artists Union, the Russian Artists Professional Union and the International Artists Federation. Her paintings have been exhibited since 1991.
Her main exhibitions were held in:  
1995 March-August "Teodor Bank", Moscow
1999 June-August "Kunst aus Russland" gallery, Hamburg
October "Menzel Kunst & Antiquitaten"gallery, Hamburg
  December "Katelbax" gallery, Hamburg
2000   "Paradise" gallery at the Rollan Cultural Centre, Moscow
2001   Permanent exhibition at the elite German furniture shop "VK-interior", Moscow
2002 January The Exhibition of monumental Art in the Central House of Artists, Moscow
  March Personal Exhibition, Moscow Artists Union, White Hall, Moscow
  June "Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis" museum Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  December Exhibition dedicated to the 70-th anniversary of the Moscow Artists Union
2003 March "Paradise" Gallery, Moscow
  September Exhibition in private art gallery, city of De-Wijk, the Netherlands
  November "Geisinger & Freunde", Hamburg, Germany
  December "Style 1900 Arts & Grafts", Amsterdam, Nederlands
2004 January "LL Wordwide",Amsterdam, Nederlands
  January-february "Forma Interieurs", Amsterdam,Nederlands
  February The Exhibition of Monumental Art ,The central House of the Artist, Moscow
  June Personal Exhibition, French Embassy, Moscow
  Desember The Exhibition "Women and Man", Moscow Artists Union
2005 March-June Personal Exhibition, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Moscow
  jJune "From color to light",gallery " EXPO - 88", The central House of the Artist, Moscow
  October Арт-fair " The best art galleries ", gallery " EXPO - 88", Moscow
  October Exclusive personal exhibition in a country house of family Gronfeldt, Hamburg, Germany
  November "Modest charm of painting ",gallery " EXPO - 88", The central House of the Artist, Moscow
2006 January-february "The Stain. The form. A subject. A condition." , gallery " EXPO - 88", The central House of the Artist, Moscow
  February Personal Exhibition, "Russian gallery", Tallin
  October Арт-fair " The best art galleries ", "The Sity of the World", gallery  "EXPO - 88", Moscow
  November Personal Exhibition, gallery "EXPO - 88", Moscow
2007 May "Art&Deco", gallery " EXPO - 88", Novy Manezh Exhibition Hall, Moscow
  Jule Personal Exhibition, "Life of women", "GALA GALERIE", Moscow
  Jule Permanent  Exhibition, gallery " EXPO - 88", The central House of the Artist, Moscow
  Desember "Art Manege 2007", Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow
2008 January The Exhibition of Monumental Art ,The central House of the Artist, Moscow
  March Personal Exhibition, "Life of  flowers", "GALA GALERIE", Moscow
2009 January The Exhibition "Monumental Art in 21 century", Moscow
  March Personal Exhibition, "Life of women", "Paradise" Gallery, Moscow
  October Exclusive personal exhibition in a country house of family Gronfeldt, Hamburg, Germany
Lera Kozina was born in 1970.She studied at the Russian Art School and finished it in 1985.Her parents where not painters themselves, but when she was 19 she married into a family of famous Moscow painters and jewelers. So not surprisingly Lera is also doing jewelers work and she makes her own collection of Enamel jewelery. Her teacher in Moscow Art College was the famous paiter Youri Georgevich Sedov. She graduated College in 1989. Lera's preferred painting-material became oil on canvas and she loves to paint nature.
As a painter she followed in the footsteps of Alexander the Great and Marco Polo and joined an archeological expedition to the Karakum desert, an area of about 35 million ha , about 70% of the whole territory of Turkmenistan ( the old silk route), to discover all about old civilisations. Her assignment here was to draw houses, household goods, cultural objects and stamps of some 5000 years ago. In these inspiring surroundings she was very impressed by the many kinds of flowers and butterflies she found along the way. Each week the dessert was covered once again by unbelievable flowers.This topic can be found extensively in her work even today. Three years ago she traveled through Egypt. In her new paintings a series of eastern motives appeared after this trip. And under the influence of her travels her colors also changed; they became more bright and sunny. In more recent years she worked regularly in the West, specifically in Germany and the Netherlands. In recent paintings she painted views of beautiful Amsterdam canals. Still Lera's life is very much attached to Moscow life. In the centre of Moscow her atelier is a mere 100 metres from Arbat street, the old painters neighborhood. Though today everything breathes an atmosphere of change here. The days of the Soviet Union have past. Still the echoes of those time are still apparent. The atelier where she works was build in 1933 by the architect and constructivist Ginsbourg. The idea was to build a new society where woman and men where working and living seperately. They only where to meet in the dining room and privately ofcourse. The idea of this house was "to go into a bright new future of socialism."
When she is not abroad you can find her painting here or on Patriarchia Prudy. But you will always find her working with music on; Haydn and Schubert and the grand opera bass singer Shalyapin. Fanatic in her job she also works outside even in the worst of Russian climat conditions.

The publication of pictures in the world catalogue of artists "PICTURES 2003"
Her paintings are held in the private collections in Russia and abroad: Germany, Holland, Argentina, Japan, Portugal, France and Canada.
She works in her studio in the centre of Moscow where you can come and see her new paintings. Also write to me my E-mail: info@artkozina.com